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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How do i make deposit?
A:Click on the «Balance» button on the homepage or toggle bar you will be click on the «Add Funds» button where you will be linked with a bot then you invest your Perfect Money.

Q:how to make withdrawals?
A:Put in the settings your number of wallet. Example: «U1234567» then Click on the withdraw button in the bot and confirm your withdraw.

Q:How do i refer other people into the project?
A:You need to click on the affiliate program button on the bot, copy the link and share it whoever you need to use the link.

Q:How long does an investment last?
A:An investment last 50 days.

Q:How do the company make the profit which are returned to me?
A:The deposit of each user are inputted into our trading algorithm which is then used to trade effortlessly.

Q:How quickly will be withdrawal performed?
A:The funds withdrawal is performed instantly.

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