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Invest in the best blockchain assets with the EXODUS FINANCE fund and earn 12% daily from the amount of your deposit with our Telegram platform.

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The Brittish investment fund EXODUS FINANCE is the company with 3 years of an unblemished reputation, experience and constantly high profit. The price increase of cryptocurrency during the last year created the unique opportunities and ideal and reliable conditions for investment into our fund.

EXODUS FINANCE is the essence of professionalism, multiplied by the quality of services. We are your trustworthy way for prosperity and financial freedom.


Hight profit

EXODUS FINANCE invests into the best blockchain assets providing with maximum profit.


The Security

Advanced technologies protect all financial transactions of our clients providing maximum security


The Expertise

Experience and professionalism of our team is the guarantee of EXODUS FINANCE reliability


The Diversification

We create an investment fund portfolio in such a way that no single asset could seriously affect the overall income.


The Strategy

We definitely know how to earn both in a growing and falling market


The Availability

Anyone, regardless of the country, having created a minimum deposit 5 USD will be able to join our fund and start earning 24 business hours after the investment.


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frequently asked Questions

  • What is EXODUS FINANCE? EXODUS FINANCE is an Investment Fund that specializes in the trust management of funds placed by investors into cryptocurrency assets. In our work we use the experience and skills that we have developed over the course of 3 years. It is precisely the time our company has been working in this business, studying the main trends of cryptocurrency volatility, and also providing the services offline.

    During this time, we have developed a lot of our own investment strategies aimed at the accurate and efficient generation of profits from investments in cryptocurrency assets. During this time, EXODUS FINANCE has turned into a powerful team of highly qualified professionals who can perform effectively any task at the cryptocurrency investment market, known safe and practically without risk.

    That is why we believe that EXODUS FINANCE is the best investment fund for managing investment capital in the market of cryptocurrency assets.

    The investments in blockchain startups of a new generation is the basis of our business. Due to this very strategy, we are capable to provide the unique products and services in the offline investment market. And now we can surely provide the same services but via the Internet. Our investment management technologies are the unique product, which is the result of longstanding hard work of the entire team and therefore each investor can make no doubt in the security of his investments.

    Security, efficiency, high profit and confidentiality. These are the qualities, as well as our uniqueness and risk-free investment, which make our fund the most attractive object for starting a long-term and very beneficial cooperation.

    The Brittish company EXODUS FINANCE is a new way to achieve the financial freedom for every our client, regardless of external circumstances.
  • How do the specialists of your fund generate profit? We invest in the best blockchain technologies. In particular, in new promising start-ups, the idea and activity of which is aimed at obtaining additional benefits in carrying out cryptocurrency transactions, and innovative ideas in which are full of preconditions to become a leader in its own ground.
  • What is unique about your fund? The main benefit that becomes available to our clients at investing is the fact that our technologies have no analogues in the world. No one can so effectively use the blockchain technology as our fund does. It is explained by the fact that most start-ups, which show success and prospects in the blockchain technologies sphere, certainly become the object of our investments. Namely these advantages highlight our fund in the investment market.
  • What should I do if I want to use the fund’s affiliate offer? To take advantage of the fund’s partner offer, you need a unique partner link.
  • How to create a personal account? You do not have to create your account. Just connect to our bot and start earning.
  • After registration of a personal account, does the system receives the information about some of my personal data? Is it safe? Yes. It is absolutely safe. Our system do not need your personal data.
  • How can I apply for support? In order to consult the support as soon as possible, use the online consultant service on our website or write to our support in Telegram.
  • What electronic payment systems are available for investment in your fund? We use only Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Perfectmoney to manage investments.
  • After I pay the funds, how soon will the funds be on the balance of my personal account? Money are automatically credited on the account balance.
  • How to add funds to my account correctly? To add your account balance, you need click the "Add" button. It is important that when you add your account balance, you have to choose an amount that is not less than acceptable for investment.
  • What is the minimum amount to invest? The minimum acceptable amount is 5 USD.
  • Why do I need to refill my account balance? After you pay in your account balance, you will be able to place this money as an investment in our fund.
  • What is the profit of investment? We provide our clients with a single investment proposal, according to which you get 144% of the amount you have added to your account balance, and then created a deposit.
  • What is the validity period of this deposit? Any deposit is valid for 12 business days. It means that you will get 12% of the invested funds every day for 12 business days. On weekends, there are no accruals and days off are also not included in the deposit period.
  • Do I receive the principal amount of my investment after the deposit expires? The principal amount of the investment is included.
  • When can I withdraw profit from the fund? Any amount available on your account balance and which is not less than minimal acceptable for withdrawal, can be trasferred to your purse in instant mode.
  • What is the minimum acceptable amount? Minimally you can withdraw 2 USD.
  • What is the maximum amount allowed to withdraw funds? The maximum amount is unlimited.
  • Are funds withdrawn in instant mode? Yes.
  • How many withdrawal requests can I create within 24 hours? The number of requests for withdrawal of funds is not limited.
  • Can I make a withdrawal on a weekend? Yes
  • Who pays commission in case withdrawing fund? All commission expenses for the withdrawal of funds are paid by our fund.
  • How much can I earn inviting new members to your fund? The partnership program, developed by the fund's experts, provides rewards for investments of personally invited partners in the amount of 7% from any amount of their investment. In other words, for the deposit placed in our fund by your partner of the 1st line, you personally can receive 7% of the nominal value of this deposit. 3% from the 2nd line and 1% from the 3rd line.
  • Can I receive partner rewards if I do not have my own investments in your fund? The conditions for obtaining a partner reward include the mandatory availability of your own minimum value deposit.
  • What is the minimum to invest in order to get a partner reward? The minimum investment in the fund is 5 USD. We draw your attention that you will be able to withdraw the partner's bonus only after the activation of your own deposit.
  • What investment proposals are available in your fund? For all clients of the fund we provided a single deposit solution- 12% daily for 12 business days.
  • How much can I earn by making a deposit? In accordance with our single deposit decision, for any investment in the fund, the client will receive 144% of the return on any amount of investment.
  • How long will I receive the mentioned profitability? Our deposit decision is calculated for 12 business days. Thus, every day, on business days, each client of the fund will receive 12% of the invested amount.
  • Will I get the accruals on weekends? No. On weekends, they are not provided.
  • At what intervals will I get accruals on business days? Charges are made at the same time, with an interval of 24 hours from the time you activate your deposit.
  • Do weekends include the deposit period? No. The validity of the deposit takes into account only business days.
  • How much can I create deposits in the fund? The number of deposits you create is not limited.
  • How will I receive accruals for several of my deposits? Each deposit will be processed by the system individually. And, accordingly, the accrual time will depend on the time of activation of one or another of your deposits.

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